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Dr. John Young wants to make smart medicine simple for you to learn and implement into your life! With health care costs and stress limits rising, Smart Medicine University is designed to help you navigate the overwhelming symptoms and treatments that come with your ailments. Lay the foundation for a health regimen that is best suited for your needs. Be healthier and more productive the smart way.


In this curriculum, Dr. Young will build upon the concepts you learned in Smart Medicine Clear and Sample, breaking down how our most important organs are affected by the nutrients they need, like iodine and Vitamin C, and how to assess when your body is missing these vital components. You might be surprised by the results. It’s time to make Dr. Young your doctor.


In this curriculum, Dr. Young will begin to dissect the advancements in therapies and testing within alternative care, and how to best communicate with your doctor to find the results you actually need to find underlying issues in your health. He will detail a few easy, non-invasive tests that do away with needles and still provide measurable results, as well as injections that work to heal you faster. It’s time to learn how to transform your quality of life without sacrificing your comfort.


In this curriculum, Dr. Young delves into the dominating features of over 40 different diseases to provide insight into their root causes and the symptoms that afflict the individuals that have them. He explores the traditional medical practices in alleviating symptoms or attempting to diagnose and cure a particular disease. Dr. Young provided his own expertise to highlight the successes he has found when implementing alternative care.


In this curriculum, Dr. John Young introduces the revolutionary use of stem cells in the treatment of medical conditions, and why you should take notice.

John Young
John Young
Medical Doctor

At Young Foundational Health Center, we work from the foundation up. Instead of repairing the “cracks in the wall” or merely treating the symptoms, we aim at the root of the problem. By targeting the cell membrane and the immune system, we improve the overall health of the patient.

Medical researchers worldwide agree that our ability to achieve optimal health begins and ends with our cellular foundation.

To that end, Dr. John Young, M.D. and Young Foundational Health Center have incorporated the latest biochemical, physiological, nutraceutical technologies and protocols into a program designed to address the causes of many chronic illnesses. Building on the work of giants in the medical field such as Kauffman, Klenner and Meyers, and research conducted at Yale, Stanford, Duke and Johns Hopkins Universities, Dr. Young has combined this early work with current understanding and Nobel Prize winning research to develop a system of the best known strategies for achieving proper cellular health and function.

The result is a science-based, reliable and effective way to approach chronic conditions. This combined with preventative therapies and nutritional education, provides patients with systemic, effective protocols for achieving the promotion and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Our methods promote the development of a healthy and properly functioning immune system.

Dr. Young and Young Foundational Health Center can consult with you on the health needs of you and your family, review your medical history and develop a plan focusing on your natural, nutritional needs, enabling your body to be restored and operate at peak performance.

Dr. John Young has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and is an MD with a residency in Family Practice. He has been an E.R. physician for more than 15 years. He also has a private practice that specializes in the treatment of chronic and genetic diseases. Click here to view Dr. Young’s full resume.

Dr. Young speaks extensively on the use of basic physiology and biochemistry to treat chronic diseases. John has made international presentations for a pharmaceutical company on the use of anti-microbials in the treatment of infectious diseases in the emergency room. He has been a consultant for various provincial administrations and private corporations in the republic of South Africa on the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. He did some of the first studies for 3M on the use of a polymer membrane and its use in the treatment of second and third degree burns. He did the early studies for a major US university on the use of cold lasers in the treatment of chronic wounds.

To read Dr. Young’s articles dealing with various health-related topics, please visit the Young Foundational Health Center Resource Library.

Dr. Young holds three US patents: one for the healing of dermal lesions, one for a way to destroy fungi, and one for a way to destroy bacteria in a unique way. His ongoing research has led to many innovative products being used around the world.

Course Curriculum

CURRICULUM 1 - Smart Medicine Clear and Simple
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 1 Introduction FREE PREVIEW
Smart Medicine Introduction - Dr. Young excites as he takes us through why he chose to go against the grain of traditional medicine and how you can have hope to get well at the root of it all: the cellular level.
COURSE 1 - Powerful Scientific Discoveries In this course, Dr. Young discusses the various Nobel prize winning research supporting the bodies need for nitric oxide and protein! Stay tuned to discover why.
Course 2 - The Pharmaceutical Influence Dr. Young uncovers the uncomfortable reality behind pharmaceutical drugs: their influence in politics, financial gain and their impact on our bodies.
Course 3 - Yes, It Has Become Chronic Dr. Young breaks down the basis of a chronic disease. How does a chronic disease begin? Inflammation! Dr. Young shares how you can treat chronic diseases without ingesting prescription.
Course 4 - The Witch Doctor In this course, Dr. Young tells his story of being a medical missionary. His shocking discovery? It turns out the latest and greatest of American medicine isn’t always the most successful solution.
Course 5 - The Need for Speed What came first, the problem or the symptom? Modern medicine markets a quick fix and in this course Dr. Young will emphasize the importance of building, not tearing down, the immune system.
Course 6 - Traditional Alternative Foundational In this course, Dr. Young takes us through the traditional approach practiced by the majority of doctors, alternative medicine and finally –the foundational approach –Dr. Young’s very own.
Course 7 - Rebuild your Health at the Cellular Level Dr. Young began to question why his patients weren’t getting better when approached with traditional treatments. In this course, you will discover how to lay a foundation for good health.
Course 8 - Laying Your Foundation Dr. Young shares his discovery of how to lay a foundation for incredible health by keeping cells flourishing. How then do we accomplish such a task? With good protein and specific fats!
Course 9 - Daring To Ask a Simple Question Dr. Young dared to ask a simple question: why aren’t patients getting better with traditional treatments? In this course, Dr. Young gives his patients hope of a better way!
Course 11 - Beyond Treatment: Patient #1 Dr. Young tells the story of his first attempt at treating a patient with his newly founded “laying a foundation” protocol. The problem seemed to be impossibly curable, but the solution was within his grasp.
Course 12 - Habits That Shape Our Overall Health Dr. Young takes us through the horrid habits that contribute to our many diseases. Poor nutrition, sleep deprivation and toxic overload are just some of the many contributing factors that plague us.
Course 13 - One Size Does Not Fit All Treating the symptom and not the root is often the modern method of aiding the sick. Dr. Young gets to the importance of getting to the root of your issue, and not settle for a lifetime of medications.
Course 14 - Back to Basics In this course, find out how Dr. Young practices medicine, where he found the basis for his foundational health approach and what you can do to start your journey to wellness now!
Course 15 - Choosing An Alternative Route Dr. Young’s shares his experience in medical residency and how it motivated him to seek out and stand behind the alternative route to medicine: not just addressing the symptom, but healing the root cause!
Course 16 - How to Hire your Doctor In this course, Dr. Young reminds us that we are ultimately responsible for our own health. An empowering first step in this process is to hire your own doctor!
Course 17 - Going Beyond The Cell In this course, Dr. Young shares his secret of breaking down his patients biochemically, how gene’s play an enormous role in sickness and his ultimate goal: getting you well and off your medications!
Course 18 - Dr Young's Journey Into Medicine . Young invites us to trust him as he shares with us the riveting true story of how he came to love his profession and profoundly impact the medical field.
Course 19 - Myths of Modern Medicine Dr. Young address common myths of modern medicine such as, “an aspirin a day...” Don’t fall for misconceptions. Dr. Young show you how to achieve and maintain optimal health beyond traditional treatment.
Course 20 - Smart Medicine Clear and Simple Overview In this course, Dr. Young takes all the key points learned thus far including new ones to ingest and breaks them down into action steps, simple and stress-free.
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 1 Conclusion
CURRICULUM 2 - Prevent and Reverse Lifestyle Diseases
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 2 Introduction FREE PREVIEW
Course 1 - Brain Health In this course, Dr. Young takes us through the common symptoms and causes of unhealthy brain function. There is hope as Dr. Young shares various successful testing and supplements to aid in healing.
Course 2 - Colon Health In this course, Dr. Young shares with us the role of the colon and the various signs of a colon in need of repairing. Learn what noninvasive tests you can take and supplements that are critical for healing.
Course 3 - Thyroid Health - Dr. Young explains the Thyroid Gland and its function, and the chronic diseases that can affect the thyroid. He provides clues in testing for these diseases and what steps to take to reverse and prevent your ailment.
Course 4 - Skin Health
Course 5 - Anti-Aging - Dr. Young provides his expertise in looking younger and being healthier. A healthy immune system is key: it reduces sickness and disease while improving regeneration in the skin, in your health, and in your energy.
Course 6 - Minerals Why do we need minerals for our bodies to maintain optimal health? Dr. Young shares the 8 essential minerals, their contribution and how to ensure your body is receiving the nutrients it needs.
Course 7 - Iodine In this course, Dr. Young shares the many benefits of iodine! Not many know of its wonderful impact on the thyroid gland, how much to consume or even the possibility of sharpened mental state.
Course 8 - Vitamin C Vitamin C is great for our body when sick, but what other benefits does this super vitamin hold? In this course, Dr. Young shares the health benefits for our minds and bodies that Vitamin C can provide.
Course 9 - Vitamin D Vitamin D is in fact not a vitamin- it’s a hormone! In this course, Dr. Young explains why this wonder hormone is vital to our bodies, the best places to receive it and what levels to aim for!
Course 10 - Probiotic In this course, Dr. Young shares with us the foundation of our body: the gut. Learn how to heal your body with probiotics as they replenish good bacteria in the life giving organ that is your colon.
Course 11 - Delayed Allergies How many of us knew that allergies weren’t just capable of effecting us immediately after striking but also hours, days and even months later? Dr. Young reveals the truth behind delayed allergies.
Course 12 - Key Products for Heath Don’t be overwhelmed by the vast amount of health products being advertised today. Dr. Young shares his basic and beneficial key products to keep anyone and everyone healthy, happy and rejuvenated.
Course 13 - The Young Health Shake With so many protein shakes available on the market today, why choose Young Health Protein Shake? In this course, Dr. Young shares the science behind his Young Health Shake.
Course 14 - Top 5 Recommendations from Dr. Young
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 2 Conclusion
CURRICULUM 3 - Advanced Therapies and Testing
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 3 Introduction FREE PREVIEW
Course 1 - When to Get a Second Opinion - Dr. Young describes why it is important to seek a second opinion. If you are unhappy with the approach your doctor is taking, or if there is an over reliance on prescription drugs, seek a second opinion.
Course 2 - Vaccinations - Do or Don't - In this course for Smart Medicine University, Dr. Young illustrates the argument for and against vaccinations, and when and why to receive them.
Course 3 - Urine Organic Acid Test In this course, Dr. Young shares hope for getting to the root of many illnesses not easily found outside of the comprehensive urine organic acid test. It’s easy and for any age – babies to adults!
Course 4 - 23andMe Genetic Testing Your genes are not your destiny, but knowing and understanding your genes allows doctors and patients to make strides in the improvement of symptoms and curing of chronic illnesses!
Course 5 - Vitamin C IV Therapy Many have never heard of the disease treatment, IV Vitamin C. Dr. Young sheds light on this alternative route to health, why and how it can make such a difference in the health of anyone and everyone.
Course 6 - Platelet Rich Plasma Dr. Young breaks down Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP describing how it can be injected anywhere and has been proven relieving for the inflammatory responses resulting from back pain, arthritis, etc.
Course 7 - ALCAT Test In this course, Dr. Young shares a ground breaking new test to expose and aid in the treatment of allergies – the ALCAT test.
Course 8 - Ozone Therapy - Learn the benefits of Ozone therapy, an alternative care practice that strengthens the immune system, kills bacteria and viruses, and detoxifies the body while reducing inflammation and increasing oxygen levels in your cells.
Course 9 - Wellness Labs In this course, Dr. Young breaks down simply the multiple tests available to patients that can shed light on how their bodies may not be functioning optimally and how they can start to feel better now!
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 4 Conclusion
CURRICULUM 4 - Specific Disease Protocols
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 4 Introduction FREE PREVIEW
Course 1 - Macular Degeneration Dr. Young simplifies the common and intimidating eye disorder- macular degeneration. Taking an alternative route, Dr. Young presents resolutions and treatments that are not only holistic but also non-invasive.
Course 2 - Pneumonia Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death in America. Dr. Young has taken this course to inform us of the alternative treatments to healing and preventing this deadly disease.
Course 3 - Influenza Most of us have caught the flu at some point in our lives. In this course, Dr. Young shares profound holistic healing treatments to ensure the body is equipped to fight and recover from this all too common contagion.
Course 4 - Shingles Shingles can be an incredibly painful. Dr. Young goes over symptoms, causes and natural alternative treatments to not only cure the issue but also help your body prevent it; starting with a healthy immune system.
Course 5 - Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia, often characterized by chronic fatigue, has not yet been presented with a cure. Nevertheless, in this course Dr. Young gives hope to finding a better quality of life when diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Course 6 - Kidney Failure Many of the current traditional treatments of kidney failures are to merely control the disease. Dr. Young goes beyond traditional medicine and reaches for the root causes, describing natural ways to combatting this disease.
Course 7 - Kidney Stones In this course, Dr. Young enlightens us on practical ways to prevent such a painful incidence and the holistic and highly successful treatments that most doctors probably won’t let you in on.
Course 8 - Gout Gout can be excruciating and often traditional treatments consists of quite a lot of steroids. In this course, Dr. Young provides relief as he relays his alternative treatments of the disease.
Course 9 - Hemorrhoids Learn how to address hemorrhoids naturally and effectively. This uncomfortable and common ailment is the topic of discussion with Dr. Young in this course.
Course 10 - Heart Failure Dr. Young gives hope to those whom might have been told by traditional doctors – that is all we can do! Dr. Young shares impactful treatments available as well as nutritional and supplemental changes one can make.
Course 11 - Coronary Artery Disease With the toxic diet Americans maintain in todays world it is no wonder why coronary artery disease is so prevalent. Dr. Young shares treatments that have encouragingly proven successful.
Course 12 - Migraine Migraines can often be debilitating for many individuals. In this course, Dr. Young shares the causes, symptoms and powerful holistic treatments to combat and prevent these painful experiences.
Course 13 - Herpes In this course, Dr. Young sheds light on the two most common types of herpes: type 1 and type 2. Many people suffer from this virus, but aren’t aware of the alternative, fast acting treatments available to them today.
Course 14 - Nail Fungus In this course, Dr. Young explains what exactly nail fungus is and what can be done to not only treat the issue quickly, but also work to prevent it from ever gracing your nail beds.
Course 15 - Acne Acne can be an embarrassing and often life long battle for some people. In this course, Dr. Young shares his secrets for healing the inflammatory condition –starting from a healthy foundation.
Course 16 - Lyme Disease Lyme disease has been called “the great masquerader” as it can show up in various different ways. Dr. Young teaches us how to identify the disease and alternative effective treatments to combat it.
Course 17 - Ulcerative Colitis In this course, Dr. Young sheds light on this painful yet common disorder. Watch now to learn the surprising and powerful treatments available for ulcerative colitis.
Course 18 - Sore Throat Most everyone has suffered from a sore throat in their lifetime. Have you ever felt at a loss as to how to heal from this irritating and painful ailment? Dr. Young shares how to eliminate that problem- naturally and fast!
Course 19 - Type 1 Diabetes Dr. Young address Type 1 diabetes and takes us through laying a healthy foundation, the importance of protein and the powerful supplement that has proven to make a difference in the lives of those affected.
Course 20 - Type 2 Diabetes Traditional treatments will often have you relying on prescriptions drugs for the rest of your life. Dr. Young shares the steps you can take to combat that myth, get back to the basics and even potentially reverse the disease!
Course 21 - Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis leaves people feeling helpless to the painful chronic condition. Dr. Young gives hope as he shares the alternative treatments, drastically improving, healing and relieving the condition.
Course 22 - Neuropathy In this course, Dr. Young breaks down what neuropathy is, suggested natural treatments and what you can do immediately to start healing from the distressing condition.
Course 23 - Leaky Gut Dr. Young sheds light on leaky gut syndrome, often the root cause of many allergies and painful conditions. Learn what leaky gut is, how to heal it and go beyond traditional treatment with Dr. Young.
Course 24 - Hypertension In this course, Dr. Young sheds light on natural ways to prevent and combat hypertension or abnormally high blood pressure. Dr. Young shares the supplements and nutritional changes you can make now!
Course 25 - Digestive Disorders Dr. Young addresses multiple digestive disorders. In this course, learn the testing, alternative treatments, nutritional changes and supplements you can be proactive in implementing on the road to recovery.
Course 26 - Rheumatoid Arthritis
Course 27 - Hair Loss (Alopecia) In this course, Dr. Young gives hope and empowers as he presents testing, supplements and powerful nutritional changes that can be made to make all the difference.
Course 28 - Depression Depression is often a sensitive topic. In this course, Dr. Young shares multiple medical contributions beneath the disorder and what can be done to naturally and effectively get one back on the path of abundant living.
Course 29 - Crohn's Disease This inflammatory disease effects hundreds of thousands, including Dr. Young’s own family. Go beyond traditional treatments and learn of both the alternative treatments and holistic supplements that can change lives.
Course 30 - Constipation In this course, Dr. Young address this uncomfortable issue that all too often plagues the multitudes. Dr. Young will speak on what you are able to do to prevent constipation, rebuild your gut and relieve the painful symptoms.
Course 31 - Asthma Dr. Young breaks down just what causes, inflames and contributes to asthma as well as the life changing preventative and holistic treatments to better the quality of sufferers lives.
Course 32 - Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a tragic bone disease that effects many people, especially the elderly. In this course, Dr. Young shares vital nutrition and supplements that the body needs to stay strong, heal well and prevent further damage.
Course 33 - Cancer Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. Dr. Young will invite you to learn preventative measures to take and treatments that you may never have guessed were effective.
Course 34 - Skin Cancer
Course 35 - Colon Cancer
Course 36 - Breast Cancer
Course 37 - Prostate Cancer
Course 38 - ADD ADHD
Course 39 - Parkinson’s
Course 40 - Ear Infection
Smart Medicine University - Curriculum 3 Conclusion